South Granville Patio, Vancouver, Canada
For this postage stamp yard, CYAN Horticulture’s assignment came with a seriously charged wish list and a clear artistic direction. To streamline this tight space, the gentle slope was confined by a single low concrete retaining wall and pushed towards the back. Up top and hidden by skinny hedges is a vehicular charging station and a toolshed. Below is a large patio of squared-off dark grey stone, set in a random pattern and surrounded by narrow, jewel-box planting beds. Eastern redbuds, columnar beeches and a specimen of the rare Franklinia alatamaha anchor the perimeter of this yard, thus creating a feeling of seclusion.
1- Patio and garden seen from porch, as built
2- Patio and garden seen from back alley, as built
3- Echinacea and Heliotrope, as planted
4- Patio and garden seen from porch, as built
5- Clematis ‘Minuet’ on black fence, as built
6- Lilium ‘Casablanca’ against limestone paver
7- Limestone pavers and steps, as built
8- Athyrium otophorum var. okanum, as planted
9- Athyrium otophorum var. okanum, as planted
10- Cercis canadensis, as planted
11- Franklinia alatamaha, as planted
12- Adiantum venustum, as planted
13- Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’, as planted
14- Patio and garden before renovation
15- Video by Alexander Rossignol
Belmont Residence, Vancouver, Canada, part 2
In the back garden of this stunning contemporary residence by architect Darrell Epp, CYAN Horticulture worked on extending as seamlessly as possible the strong planes and lines of the edifice. Thick hedges of yews and Portuguese laurels were used to define a minimalist canvas of lawns and beds. Two perfectly flat terraces were created by capturing the grade change in a long and skinny staircase made of galvanized aluminum and filled with grass. Finally, as an organic counterpoint to this unequivocal geometry is a sculpture by French artist Marie Khouri, off-centered on the lower lawn terrace.
1- Back garden, as built*
2- Back garden, as built*
3- View of back garden from top floor, as built*
4- Aquatic planter with tropical foliages, as planted*
5- View of back garden from roof, as built*
6- Lawn terraces and metal staircase, as built*
7- Lawn terraces and metal staircase, as built*
8- Sculpture by Marie Khouri, as installed*
9- Hakonechloa macra, as planted
10- Polystichum X dycei, as planted
11- Skimmia japonica ‘Wakehurst  White’, as planted
12- Asplenium scolopendrium, as planted
13- Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’, as planted
14- Back garden under construction
*photo by Ema Peter
Garden Drive Residence, East Vancouver, Canada, part 1
Dwarfed by an imposing ancestral house, this front garden presented the multi-faceted challenge of limited space, time and budget. CYAN Horticulture laid out simple hard surfaces in oversized concrete pavers and thereon peppered rough basalt boulders. The usual perimeter fence is present in essence only, embodied by simple steel pipes. A handful of plant taxa also plays on this economy of glitz. Various grasses, thinly-leaved California myrtle and fetid hellebore are enlivened throughout the year by ephemeral bulbs and self-seeding annuals. With modest appetite for fertilizer and water, these plants help make this garden truly low-maintenance.
1- Front garden seen from street, as built
2- Front garden seen from porch, as built
3- Front garden seen from street, as built
4- Steel pipe fence with Calamagrostis, as built
5- Steel pipe fence with Verbena bonariensis, as built
6- Layout plan and sketches
7- Stipa tenuissima, as planted
8- Myrica californica, as planted
9- Helleborus foetidus and Allium schubertii, as planted
10- Nigella damascena, as planted
11- Allium schubertii, as planted
12- Tulipa tarda, as planted
13- Front garden before renovation
14- Front garden before renovation
Ravine Residence, West Vancouver, Canada
In close collaboration with architect Darrell Epp, CYAN Horticulture was invited to maximize use of the very limited space surrounding this newly renovated single-family residence. Perched on a steep forested ravine and overlooking a protected salmon stream, this low-lying house seems to float in the wilderness. On the front, sunny side, the distinctive silhouettes of ginkgos and squared-off beeches, mounding lavenders and graphic maiden grass, play against expanses of raw concrete and accents of reclaimed, century-old barn wood. In the back, shaded and sloping down to the stream, a variety of dark green foliages merge into the surroundings.
1- Entrance garden, as built
2- Atelier Vierkant planters and boxwood, as planted
3- Patio furniture, as built
4- Entrance garden, as built
5- Entrance garden, as built
6- Buxus, Skimmia, Taxus, as planted
7- Choisya 'Aztec Pearl', Miscanthus 'Yaku-jima', as planted
8- Entrance garden with Miscanthus 'Yaku-jima', as planted
9- Skimmia 'Chameleon' overlooking the ravine, as planted
10- Taxus 'H. M. Eddie', Miscanthus  'Yaku-jima', as planted
11- Ginkgo 'Magyar', Lavandula 'Hidcote Superior', as planted
12- Lavandula 'Hidcote Superior', as planted
13- Ginkgo leaves
14- Fagus sylvatica cvs., as planted
15- Skimmia, as planted
Kitsilano Front Garden, Vancouver, Canada
As a long-time neighbor of CYAN Horticulture, the owner of this small south-facing garden gave us carte blanche on her project, as long as the severely damaged lawn was made to disappear altogether. A relax yet carefully studied meadow-like planting of bulbs and perennials, grasses and evergreen shrubs, now flank a narrow walkway. Maintenance is here kept to a minimum and seasons are wisely felt in this ever-changing arrangement.
1- Salvia 'Mainacht', Stipa tenuissima,
Foeniculum v. 'Bronze', as planted
2- Salvia 'Mainacht', Stipa tenuissima,
Foeniculum v. 'Bronze', as planted
3- Salvia 'Mainacht', Stipa tenuissima, Heuchera, as planted
4- Heuchera, Salvia 'Mainacht',
Foeniculum v. 'Bronze', as planted
5- Bulbs to be planted
6- Amsonia hubrichtii, fall colours, as planted
7- Panicum, close-up on foliage, as planted
8- Cleome platycarpa & grasses, in Eastern Oregon, inspiration
9- Narcissus 'Hawera' on the High Line, New York, inspiration
10- The High Line, New York, planting inspiration
11- Allium, dried seed heads, as planted
Belmont Residence, Vancouver, Canada, part 1
As a complement to a stunning contemporary residence by architect Darrell Epp, CYAN Horticulture developed a garden driven by bold material and architectonic plant choices. Large angular boulders hold a steep slope back. Mature maples and sharp hedges of Portuguese laurels frame the façade. Limited herbaceous plantings stand as a few, contained show pieces. Completion scheduled for Spring 2015.
1- Front landscape, digital rendering
2- Front landscape, digital rendering
3- Front landscape, digital rendering
4- Front landscape, digital rendering
5- Front landscape, digital rendering
6- James hunting for boulders
7- Installation of a boulder slope
8- Darmera peltata, as planted
9- Acer palmatum, as planted
10- Hakonechloa macra, as planted
11- Scirpus effusus, as planted
12- Acer palmatum, as planted
13- Boulders ready for installation
East 17th Avenue Residence, East Vancouver, Canada
Designed by LWPAC and built by Vanglo Sustainable Construction Group, this singular residence makes the most of a very tight lot. CYAN Horticulture was commissioned to implement a low-maintenance planting plan and ensure regular maintenance of the grounds. Boxwood, yews and a specimen Japanese maple give structure to the space while ornamental grasses and bamboo add a softer touch to the ensemble. Photo credit: Ema Peter
1- House, as built photo by Ema Peter
2- Ginkgo 'Autumn Gold', as planted
3- House, as built photo by Ema Peter
4- Phyllostachys sp., as planted
5- House, as built photo by Ema Peter
6- House, as built photo by Ema Peter
7- House interior, as built photo by Ema Peter
8- House, as built photo by Ema Peter
9- Front pavers, being installed
10 -Phyllostachys sp., being installed (and DD flexing)
11- Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra', as planted
12- Acer palmatum, as planted
Cambie Residence, Vancouver, Canada, part 1
Home to a young family of four, this new house blends in the tightly woven fabric of this traditional residential neighborhood. Yet CYAN Horticulture was mandated to pack in this limited space an ambitious program of children-minded activities, in a ‘warm contemporary’ way. The front yard hence accommodates a boxwood parterre/soccer field and a secret dirtbike track, a rain barrel as well as mixed monochromatic plantings in greens and whites.
1- Frontyard, freshly planted
2- Boxwood parterre turned playfield, as built
3- Tricyrtis, Hydrangea, Choisya, Anemone,
Astrantia, as planted
4- Astrantia 'Star of Billion', as planted
5- Euphorbia Diamond Frost, as planted
6- Cambie Residence, conceptual plan, front yard
7- Tricyrtis sp., as planted
8- Hydrangea macrophylla 'Wedding Gown', as planted
9- Soccer ball on grass field, as built
10- Acer tegmentosum, bark detail, as planted
11- Hydrangea macrophylla 'Wedding Gown', as planted
A Plantsmen Garden, Vancouver, Canada
Sited on long-ago developed farmland, on the outskirt of the city, this backyard is playground to a couple of serious gardeners. Designed around a handful of spectacular apple tree espaliers, this new outdoor living space maximizes growing conditions for a variety of edibles and ornamentals. A dynamic combination of raised planters, some clad in delicate basalt stone, others simply cast in raw concrete, host a myriad of choice Mediterranean plants.
1- Overall view, as built
2- Raised planters and patio, as built
3- Plantsmen Garden, before renovation work
4- Gloster chairs, chocolate cosmos and Agapanthus, as built
5- Limestone steps and wall caping, as built
6- Vegetable sprouts, as planted
7- Gloster chairs, as installed
8- Off-cuts used a plant tags, as built
9- Herbs, various, as planted
10- Agapanthus cvs., as proposed
11- Erigeron karvinskianus, as planted
12- Agapanthus ‘Graskop’, as proposed
13- Agapanthus cvs., Stipa gigantea, as proposed
14- Gravel and sand, to amend and topdress
15- Stone quarry, inspiration
Kerrisdale Condo Tower, Vancouver, Canada
Recently built, this multi-family condo tower sits proudly on larger-than-usual landscaped grounds. Due to insufficient planning, these grounds promptly turned into a nightmare of maintenance and CYAN Horticulture was invited to help remedy the situation. After much editing and serious horticultural intervention, over a sustained period of three years, this garden may now be enjoyed by all residents.
1- Sedum, Liriope, under Gleditsia, as planted
2- Lavandula angustifolia 'Mellisa Lilac', as planted
3- Miscanthus sinensis, as planted
4- Parthenocissus quinquefolia, as planted
5- Private patio space, as planted
6- Lavandula angustifolia 'Mellisa Lilac',
Pennisetum 'Hameln', as planted
7- Seating under linden trees, as built
8- Private patio, Summer planter display, as planted
9- Lavandula angustifolia 'Mellisa Lilac',
Pennisetum 'Hameln', as planted
10- Lavandula angustifolia 'Mellisa Lilac', as planted
11- Checkerboard-pattern patio and grass, as built
12- Lavandula angustifolia 'Mellisa Lilac',
Pennisetum 'Hameln', as planted
13- Narcissus 'Jack Snipe', as planted
14- Cornus 'Starlight', as planted
15- Echinacea and Pennisetum 'Hameln', as planted
16- Tilia cordata, botanical detail, as planted
17- Tree pruning, as performed
18- Fall leaf raking, as performed
The Laneway Home at the Interior Design Show West 2013, Vancouver, Canada
An informal group of designers, builders and suppliers joined forces to create a 516 square feet home that combines small footprint with exceptional style and comfort. CYAN Horticulture was invited to assemble an outdoor space that could welcome 25 000 visitors over 3 days. Italian chaises and Belgian pottery, limited edition bronze chandeliers and a locally-made fire feature, animated a lush evergreen planting scheme. As the main feature of Vancouver’s favourite design show, this home was auctioned off for charity and will soon be re-assembled in the woods of Paradise Valley, BC.
1- The Laneway Home and its Garden, as built,
photo by Roger Brookes
2- The Laneway Home and its Garden, as built,
photo by Roger Brookes
3- A clown on the swing, photo by Sébastien Panouille
4- The Laneway Home and its Garden, warehouse view,
photo by Roger Brookes
5- Detail on outddoor seating by Paola Lenti, warehouse view
6- Installation at the Vancouver Convention Center, 1st day,
photos by Sébastien Panouille
7- The Laneway Home and its Garden,
landscape rendering by Romain Béal
8- Hakonechloa macra, as planted
9- Fatsia japonica, as planted
10- Blechnum spicant, as planted
11- Colour selection for planting, inspiration
12- Video montage of installation
Cambie Residence, Vancouver, Canada, part 2
Home to a young family of four, this new house blends in the tightly woven fabric of this traditional residential neighborhood. Yet CYAN Horticulture was mandated to pack in this limited space an ambitious program of children-minded activities, in a ‘warm contemporary’ way. The backyard hence hosts a secret cabin tucked away in a bamboo grove, sleek concrete walls defining a large sandbox, a berry and vegetable plot, masses of ornamental grasses as well as a pocket-sized lawn.
1- Backyard seen from porch, as built
2- Boxwood and carrot in vegetable garden, as planted
3- Concrete brick patio with kid's chair, as built
4- Porch with temporary planters by Studio Brovhn, as built
5- Cambie Residence, conceptual plan, backyard
6- Cedar trunk sliced to be used as walkway, as built
7- Acer griseum, as planted
8- Deschampsia cespitosa, close-up on seed heads, as planted
9- Solair Chair, as proposed
10- Elemental by Studio Brovhn, used a temporary planters
Armory District Condo, Vancouver, Canada
In the heart of the trendy Armory District, a stone’s throw from downtown Vancouver, this new, 3-level condo is complemented with ample patio space. South-facing and sheltered by tall yew hedges, this patio was carefully furnished and planted, ensuring functionality for informal gatherings as much as visual interest from inside. In collaboration with Gaile Guevara Interior Design, CYAN Horticulture kept interventions minimal, opting for sleek Coro furniture, custom metal planters and stylish evergreen plants.
1- Coro Italia ‘Nest’ Collection, ‘Drum’ side table by Brent Comber, as built
2- Overall view, as built
3- Side planter with Bay Leaf topiary and Heuchera ‘Green Spice’, as planted
4- Coro Italia ‘S01’ Chair, custom metal planter with herb selection, as built
5- Beesia deltophylla, as planted
6- Fuchsia ‘Gartenmeister’, as planted
7- Fagus sylvatica, as planted
8- Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’, as planted
9- Coro Italia ‘S01’ Chair, as installed
10- Molecule of essential oil, inspiration
UDV, competition entry for Lausanne 2014, Switzerland
The ‘Unité De Végétalisation’, or UDV, is CYAN Horticulture’s proposal for Landing, the once every 4 years landscape manifestation held in Lausanne, Switzerland. This water-inflated planter is aimed at facilitating the greening of cities in an amusing and cost-effective way, independently of the infrastructure in place. Quickly blown up or down, the UDV traps solar energy in its water sides and re-distributes it to its soil and plants.
1- UDVs rendered, as proposed
2- Construction details, as proposed
3- Summary concept formula
4- On-site installation, axial view, as proposed
5- Project title block
6- On-site installation, plan view, as proposed
7- Map of Lausanne and its proposed sites
8- UDV grape, plants, as proposed
9- UDV orange, plants, as proposed
10- UDV strawberry, plants, as proposed
11- UDV pineapple, plants, as proposed
12- UDV watermelon, plants, as proposed
Robson Square Goes Soft, competition entry for VIVA Vancouver Summer 2013
‘Robson Square Goes Soft’ is CYAN Horticulture and Paul Conder’s, principal at Waddell & Conder, conceptual proposal for the competition opened by the City of Vancouver for the creation of a seasonal public space at 800 Robson Street. Upon the temporary closure of this high-traffic downtown block, 5 identical mounds of sand are spaced on the street. Inviting, malleable and playful, these mounds are then left for the users to shape and shift.
1- Overall elevation view, rendered against Art Gallery,
as proposed
2- Overall elevation view, with technical details, as proposed
3- Overall plan view, as proposed
4- Beach sand, inspiration
5- Site of Vancouver Art Gallery and Robson Street
6- Vancouver against mountains, inspiration
7- Logo of VIVA Vancouver, competition host
Southlands Residence, Vancouver, Canada
Located in a heavily forested residential neighborhood, this small bungalow sits in the shadow of an impressive pine tree. Wanting to rebuild their deck, the owners asked CYAN Horticulture to re-design the backyard as to address some privacy issues and add visual interest from above. Our proposal includes an informal path of rough wood planks leading to a rustic fire pit and a chain-sawed log bench amidst vegetation typical of a woodland clearing.
1- Southlands Residence, conceptual plan, backyard
2- Rudimentary firepit, as proposed
3- Pinus ponderosa, existing
4- Matteucia sp., inspiration
5- Rhododendron 'Knaphill Apricot', as proposed
6- Cercidiphyllum japonicum, as proposed
7- Plank path, as used by MVVA, as proposed
8- UR Planter, by Atelier Vierkant, as proposed
9- InOut701 Lounge chair, by Gervasoni, as proposed
Coastal Estate, White Rock, Canada
Perched over the Straight of Georgia and nestled amongst towering cedars and Douglas firs, this 5-acre property is a week-end escape from bustling Vancouver. 20 years after the first round of landscaping, CYAN Horticulture was mandated to increase the horticultural interest of the grounds. Italian patio furniture and oversized terracotta planters, a play lawn framed by an orchard meadow, long sinuous mixed-borders and a walled monocot garden were hence designed.
1- Art installation, as proposed
2- Coastal Estate, planting concept for water-side garden
3- Dahlia, color palette proposed
4- Play lawn, as proposed
5- UF Planter, by Atelier Vierkant, as proposed
6- Crinoline armchair, by B&B Italia, as proposed
7- Wisteria Tree, as proposed
8- Hibiscus ‘Fantasia’, as proposed
9- Foliage tropical plants, as proposed
10- Echinacea & grasses, as proposed
11- Moving of cherry trees, as performed
12- Grass garden, inspiration
Dunbar Residence, Vancouver, Canada
Indefatigable entertainers, these long-time clients of CYAN Horticulture were wishing for an outdoor lounge area to make Summer nights endure. Cozy sofas and weather-proof rugs, a sleek fire pit and fragrant night-bloomers, were the answer. Key to this small garden is the limited but carefully selected palette of plants whose light shades of gold and white help illuminate this sun-deprived area of the property.
1- Dunbar Residence, final plan
2- Zantedeschia aethiopica, as planted
3- Carex phyllocephala 'Sparkler', as planted
4- Choisya ternata 'Sundance, as planted
5- Rhododendron, as planted
6- Mellow sofa, by Paola Lenti, as proposed
7- Clematis tangutica, as planted
8- Magnolia wilsoni, as planted
9- Outdoor rug, by Paola Lenti, as proposed
10- Flow Planter, by Zaha Hadid for Serralunga, as proposed
Private Residence 3, Vancouver, Canada, part 2
Facing this astonishing heritage house, between a formal granite fountain and a large swooping driveway, was a large area of lawn in need for reinterpretation. To live up to the powerful built elements, this lawn was first divided and then enclosed in boxwood. Such rigid frame then welcomed a pair of semi-mature evergreen magnolias, a studied medley of herbaceous Summer-flowering plants and thousands of tulips.
1- Overall view in Summer, as planted
2- Salvia, Heliopsis, Coleus, Foeniculum, as planted
3- 'Victoire!', Demers at work
4- Overall view, as proposed
5- Magnolia grandiflora, arrival
6- Overall view, in the making
7- Overall view, prior to design
8- Magnolia grandiflora, as planted
9- Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum', as proposed
10- Tulip, as proposed
11- Parterre design, inspiration
Origins, a garden for the Interior Design Show West 2010, Vancouver, Canada
For a second consecutive year, CYAN Horticulture teamed up with French sculptor Marie Khouri for an early-Fall temporary landscape installation at the Vancouver Convention Center. Developed around a striking new piece, the L-5 Spine Bench – indeed modeled on the lower human vertebrae and here made of laminated wood – this installation resorted on the simplest lines and most humble materials. It is an array of architectonic plants, however, that softened and enlivened the ensemble.
1- L-5 Spine Bench, by Marie Khouri
2- Origins, as built
3- Elegia capensis and L-5 Spine Bench, as built
4- Origins, as built
5- Construction
6- Origins, construction details
7- Aloe polyphylla
8- Farfugium japonicum var. giganteum, as proposed
9- Tree ferns and moss, inspiration
10- Elegia capensis, detail, as planted
11- L-5, human vertebras, inspiration
12- Tree of life by Haeckel, inspiration
13- Polypodium, vascular bundle, inspiration
14- Medulla ossea, inspiration
Private Residence 4, Vancouver, Canada
Atop the roof of a condo building this patio space offers fine views onto the downtown core and a string of
snow-capped mountains further afield. Keeping all interventions minimal, CYAN Horticulture introduced a long bar table to accommodate informal gatherings. Moreover six tall planters each exhibit one of four celestial shades and are dressed with either severe boxwood or supple arctic willows.
1- Boxwood planters, as planted
2- Summer sky, inspiration
3- Saler Table Bar by Gandia Blasco, as proposed
4- Color chip, inspiration
5- Agapanthus bouquet, as proposed
6- Festuca 'Siskyou Blue', as planted
7- Calder mobile, inspiration
8- Weeping Artic Willow, stencil, as proposed
Private Residence 5, Vancouver, Canada
Of concrete, glass and wood, this low-lying contemporary residence is an exercise in restraint. CYAN Horticulture hence elected balance and clarity of form as guiding principles in the landscaping of its front yard. Ethereal branching and fluttering grassy spikes play against lollipop catalpas and stocky hebes while wiry chrome furniture seems to float above heavy slabs and polished pebbles.
1- Garden as planted, partial scan
2- Plant screen, as proposed
3- Knoll Bertoia Side Chair, as proposed
4- Knoll Paperclip Café Table, as proposed
5- Salix babylonica var. pekinensis 'Tortuosa', as proposed
6- Acer griseum, bark, as proposed
7- Dryopteris erythrosora, as proposed
8- Hebe topiaria, as proposed
9- Impatiens omeiana, as proposed
10- Prada Fall-Winter 2010 with OMA, inspiration
11- Prada logo, inspiration
12- Yellow Balloons, inspiration
13- Feathers, inspiration
Private Residence, Shanghai, China, part 1
Located on the immediate outskirt of Shanghai, this contemporary villa boasts two roof spaces connected by a suspended boardwalk. CYAN Horticulture was here given carte blanche to develop an entertainment garden. Starting in a grand dinning area framed by Himalayan cedars, continuing over a walkway dotted with circular reflection pools and simply dressed in silver foliage, the visitor ends in a lounging that is turned towards the cityscape.
1- Overall view, as proposed
2- Roof garden, final concept
3- Artemisia 'Powis Castle', as proposed
4- Lavandula angustifolia, as proposed
5- Helleborus argutifolius, as proposed
6- Miscanthus 'Yaku-jima', as proposed
7- Na Xemena furniture, from Gandia Blasco, as proposed
8- Feature Planter, preliminary sketch, as proposed
Private Residence 1, Vancouver, Canada
After years of unsatisfying trials and errors, the owner of this single-family residence requested CYAN Horticulture to transform this limited space into a pleasant and functional dinning area. The solution was obtained using the simplest hardscaping, which was defined by a few diagonal lines, raised wooden planters, and a choice plant palette.
1- Overall view, as built
2- Achillea 'Moonshine' & Heliotropium, as planted
3- Close up on garden, as planted
4- Garden as planted, partial scan
5- Clematis, vertical addition
6- Stipa tenuissima, as planted
7- Overall view, prior to design
8- 'Done!', Isabelle L'Ecuyer
9- Tolmiea & Paeonia, color inspiration
Private Residence 2, Vancouver, Canada
Hard hit by a notoriously bitter winter, the large garden of this private residence was much in need of an extensive rejuvenation. Hence, CYAN Horticulture redesigned and reprogrammed the back and front gardens, simplified and sharpened the planting scheme to extend the usable outdoor space, and catered to three restless dogs, all at once.
1- Front Garden, freshly planted
2- Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra', as proposed
3- Planting Plan, rear garden, partial
4- Cornus canadensis, flowers, as planted
5- Cornus canadensis, fruits, as planted
6- Solus Fire Bowl, Hemi 26, as proposed
7- Tulipa, red, as proposed
8- Choisya 'Aztec Pearl', as planted
9- Hemerocallis, as proposed
10- Helleborus 'Ivory Prince', as proposed
Private Residence 3, Vancouver, Canada, part 1
Attached to a heritage Shaughnessy house, this intricate patio accounts for the first of several outdoor design interventions. Blessed with ample space and lavish consent, CYAN Horticulture combined playful furniture with over-sized planters and lush seasonal vegetation in pink, silver, and burgundy.
1- Pennisetum setaceum & Verbena bonariensis, as proposed
2- Patio, overall view, as planted
3- Overall lay-out plan
4- Patio, overall view prior to design
5- Patio with B&B Italia sofa, as built
6- Aechmea fasciata, as planted
7- Custom-made planters, construction details
8- Isabelle L'Ecuyer is TV-ready
9- Athyrium niponicum var pictum, as planted
10- Dahlia, as proposed
11- Forging metal, inspiration for custom-made planters
12- Pink Power, color inspiration
Le CUBE, proposal for a garden festival, Quebec, Canada
Le Cube is CYAN Horticulture's entry to a contest open to design professionals. This amusing concept proposes a single giant cube meant to be broken down into modules of various sizes and shapes. Re-assembled, these modules become planters, walls or benches.
1- Garden, disorganized, concept rendition
2- Garden, organized, concept rendition
3- Garden, organized, layout plan
4- Garden, organized, elevation
5- Le Cube, logo
6- Panicum virgatum 'Shenandoah', as proposed
7- Buxus sempervirens, as proposed
8- Zinnia 'Profusion Cherry', as proposed
9- Vriesea imperialis, as proposed
10- Solenostemon, as proposed
11- Phyllostachys sp., as proposed
12- Woman puzzled at a Rubik's Cube, inspiration
Living Ice, a garden for the Interior Design Show West 2009, Vancouver, Canada
In the fall of 2009, CYAN Horticulture and Marie Khouri were invited to showcase the result of their collaborative effort in a premier design show. Centered on Khouri's new sculptural chair, this garden aimed to achieve a sober elegance by overlaying chromatic simplicity and textural sophistication upon a traditional cruciform layout.
1- Living Ice, as built
2- Construction plan, final
3- Conceptual rendition
4- Agave sp., as proposed
5- Echinops latifolius, as proposed
6- La Chaise, by Marie Khouri
7- Living Ice, invite
8- Matisse collage, color inspiration
9-Winter scene, inspiration
Private Residence, Shanghai, China, part 2
Located on the immediate outskirt of Shanghai, this contemporary villa offers a series of private courtyards and balconies. For one of the latter attached to the Library, CYAN Horticulture proposed a crisp alignment of hand-crafted pottery, subtly
lit from below and coiffed with fragrant Pittosporum. A pair of designer rocking chairs—low and colourful
—also invites interaction..
1- Roof garden, as proposed
2- Atelier Vierkant planters, as proposed
3- Atelier Vierkant planters, lit, as proposed
4- Phyllostachys nigra, as proposed
5- Chair MT3, by Ron Arad, as proposed
6- Ipe wood decking, as proposed

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