As a complement to a stunning contemporary residence by architect Darrell Epp, a garden painted in a few bold strokes was built. In the frontyard, large angular boulders hold a steep slope back and a limited selection of architectonic plants help frame a low profile façade. In the backyard, double-width hedges of yews and Portuguese laurels are used to define a minimalist canvas of lawns and beds. Two perfectly flat terraces were created by capturing the grade change in a long, skinny staircase made of galvanized aluminum and filled with grass. Finally, as an organic counterpoint to this unequivocal geometry is a sculpture by French artist Marie Khouri, off-centered on the lower lawn terrace.

Completed :  Summer 2015

Darrell Epp

Landscape Design, Installation + Maintenance:
CYAN Horticulture

Stone Work:
Celtic Stone Co.

Marie Khouri

Photo Credits:
© Joshua McCullough, PhytoPhoto