This front garden consists of a single plane of grasses and forbs conceived as a counterpoint to the angular volume of a new single-family residence. Planted on brought-in sandy soil and irrigated once weekly at most, this garden thrives on little input. Poking through a mantle of airy eyebrow grasses and dense switchgrasses, native Sisirinchium kick off the flowering season, followed by a few chocolate-coloured false indigo, then species coneflowers, drumstick alliums and, late in the Fall, by Japanese onions. A novel paving system allows full permeability and partial greening of the driveway, for a seamless transition between the two sides of the frontyard.

Completed : Fall 2018

Architecture + Landscape:
Battersby Howat

Landscape Installation + Maintenance:
CYAN Horticulture

Photo Credits:
© Joshua McCullough, PhytoPhoto