Tightly framed by a tall house and its elevated deck, a beefy English laurel hedge and an ever-marching curtain of bamboo, this tiny backyard rests in the shade most of the day. Stones and bricks unearthed during cleanup were re-arranged into a makeshift path leading to a trio of hardy palm trees. A ground-level firepit and a few cozy Adirondack chairs offer refuge during the longest days of the year. A carefully studied, low herbaceous plant tapestry stands as an ideal counterpoint to the otherwise strong verticality of this space. Therein, candelabra primroses succeed to trout lilies, while impressive Asian Saber ferns and Umbrella Leaf offer more permanent bones.

Completed : Fall 2014

Design Credits: Architecture + Landscape:
Battersby Howat

Installation + Maintenance:
CYAN Horticulture

Stone Work:
Celtic Stone Co.

Photo Credits:
© Joshua McCullough, PhytoPhoto