Dwarfed by an imposing ancestral house, this front garden presented the multi-faceted challenge of limited space, time and budget. A simple patio of oversized concrete pavers was hence laid out and then peppered with a handful of rough basalt boulders. The usual perimeter fence is present in essence only, embodied by simple steel pipes let to rust. A dozen plant taxa or so play on this economy of glitz. Various grasses, thinly-leaved California myrtle and fetid hellebore are enlivened throughout the year by ephemeral bulbs and self-seeding annuals. With modest appetite for fertilizer and water, these plants help make this garden truly low-maintenance.

Completed : Summer 2015

Design, Installation + Maintenance:
CYAN Horticulture

Stone Work:
Celtic Stone Co.

Photo Credits:
© Joshua McCullough, PhytoPhoto