This house and ample garden, located on the outskirts of a denser urban core, had been nurtured for decades prior to a recent makeover. While the new building retained its original facade, it also achieved Passive House Plus standards, a first in the neighbourhood. Of the 3 main garden areas, the south garden basks in the most sunlight. There, framed by a small garden studio and a generous vegetated driveway, stands a high-impact ‘pocket meadow’. This patch of mixed planting is made of shorter grasses and a wide selection of low, ground-covering forbs, and offers a quasi non-stop display of colours and fragrances. An assertive hardscape allows this fuzzy abundance of plants to flourish without looking rogue.

Completed : Summer 2017

Michael Green Architecture

CYAN Horticulture

Photo Credits:
© Joshua McCullough, PhytoPhoto